Have your rights as a consumer or enterprise not been respected?
Choose the scenario that applies to your problem and answer a few questions to report your problem to the competent inspection service.

The Report platform collects information in order to improve the quality of the checks carried out by the different inspection services. The competent service will analyse your report and possibly investigate. The competent service does not usually provide any information about the investigation, and does not intervene in the resolution of your dispute.

Are you a consumer (private person)? If you wish to find an amicable solution with the company with which you have a problem, contact the Consumer Mediation Service (or the European Consumer Centre if the company is located in another EU country).

Are you a company? You can find information on alternative dispute resolution between companies on BELMED

The Report platform is not an emergency service and is not manned 24/7.
The Report platform cannot be used to file a complaint or to officially report a crime.

Are you the victim of a crime and do you want to file a complaint? Please contact the local police of your choice.